An outdated, drab bathroom is as depressing as yet another Sunday rerun of Jaws. What your bathroom should be, is a little hideaway where nobody can demand your attention. Peaceful. Beautiful.

When your father-in-law keeps telling you that bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, he is right. You may not be planning to sell, but at some stage, you will have to take stock of that bathroom.

Close the bathroom door and sit with your back against it (preferably fully clothed). Since you are on the floor, look at it. Weren’t these grey tiles originally cream? White? What could be lurking in those cracks? How great would under-floor heating be?!

Now the cabinets; imagine replacing those scuffed little damp traps with new cabinets and stain-free countertops.

You know you cannot face looking at the wall tiles. They are chipped, the grouting is grubby and the colour is unspeakable. The showerhead looks like it has been stolen from a public swimming pool and the toilet is not much better. You capitulate: the bathroom needs renovation.

The first thing you should know about remodeling a bathroom is the renovation costs. According to those in the know, your budget for bathroom renovations will be between 5 and 10% of the value of your home.

Serious money, but bathrooms demand seriously specialised work: tiling, plumbing, custom-built cabinetry and electrical work. Now add the cost of sanitaryware.

To save renovation costs you may be tempted to DIY. Consider this first:
*             A bathroom is an essential room.  How long are you prepared to be without yours? The money you save from remodeling it yourself (goodbye evenings and weekends) may be   used for the divorce when your spouse decides they’ve had enough of bucket showers.
*             Plumbing is always best left to the professionals. The end.
*             A professional tiler knows just how to get a better finish. He does it every day, after all.
*             Installing a shower on your own is tough.
*             Installing a bath… Just how many hands do you have?
*             A bathroom has limited workspace.

Whether you want to gut the bathroom to remodel it, or simply replace the tiles and shower doors, call the experts. You may baulk at the cost, but the pros – a general contractor for the whole project or sub-contractors for each stage – will remodel your bathroom in the same time you would have spent on wall or floor tiling.  

Home renovators do this for a living and will have ideas on how to turn a pokey or simply outdated bathroom into a space that suits you. He may have out-of-the-box ideas for redesigning the placement of fixtures and fittings which could change the whole dynamic of the room and open your bathroom space into something completely new.

A beautiful bathroom is a wonderful luxury. Go one step further and give yourself the luxury of standing back and watching the professionals do it. Faster and better.Contact Handy Family @ or 061 406 8091