Restoring an old home

Original wooden windows or picture rails may be rescued or replaced with replicas. There could be beautiful Oregon pine or parquet floors beneath the grubby carpet. A handyman can easily restore them, adding character and value to your home.

Concrete Evidence

“A concrete slab is economical and durable… We chose a color (yes, you can tint cement) close to the color of the indoor floors and now the patio offers a seamless transition from the inside to the outside. “


Unless the home renovation that you have in mind is defined as “minor building work”, you will need plans for whatever you construct on your property. Yes, even for a chicken coop or a carport. Consult a house renovation company – they will certainly be able to give you an indication of whether your carport will be regarded as “minor”.

The Day of the Bathroom Renovation DIY

More than a century ago, the ballcock in modern flushing toilets was designed by someone called Thomas Crapper. I promise. I also promise that this is an irrational thought: How (difficult) can a bathroom renovation be? A new toilet (cue plumber), new basin and new tiles (me) and voila!