Your spouse is taking the lockdown hard; walking from one room to another and moving small things around. Opening and shutting cupboards. Noisily. And then one day says: “I have a plan! Let’s knock down the wall between this room and the garage. Think of all that space! We can build a carport on the other side.” It sounds like a good idea and your first question will probably be:…

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The Day of the Bathroom Renovation DIY

More than a century ago, the ballcock in modern flushing toilets was designed by someone called Thomas Crapper. I promise. I also promise that this is an irrational thought: How (difficult) can a bathroom renovation be? A new toilet (cue plumber), new basin and new tiles (me) and voila! The entire bathroom revamp was triggered by walking onto a flooded bathroom floor with only my socks on while still half…

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JD, die pêl wat jy kan bel

Ek is die eienaar en bestuurder van Handy Family. Wel, meeste van die tyd, as my vrou net ophou inmeng. Voor konstruksie was ek ‘n boer. Ek het groot geword op ‘n plaas en het aanvanklik landbou gaan swot. Maar na ‘n nare ongeluk kon ek vir ongeveer ses maande nie loop nie en was ek geforseer om op te skop (excuse the pun). Ek is nou al vir 20…

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Vrou Bou

Wie droom nie van daardie huisie by die see, of in die bos, of in die Karoo nie? Jou eie wegkruipplekkie, kuierplek, familie Kersfeesplek. So koop ek toe ‘n huisie by die see. Ver van Kaapstad af, in ‘n veilige kompleks. Die matte was groen, deurgetrap en van industriële aard en moes uit. Die opsigter het ‘n sleutel en ek kry ‘n maatskappy om ‘n gelamineerde vloer te lê. Hulle…

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Your Construction Foreman

You’ve received permission to build, now what? Find a builder. It is a bit like finding a good dentist: you know there may be pain involved, so you need one who can manage that for you. We have all heard about terrible building experiences and the best way to avoid that is to do your homework. Ask friends, ask friends of friends, ask your hardware man and best yet, when…

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5 Amish Carpentry Principles

One thing we know about the Amish is that they are not afraid of hard work. They erect incredible structures such as 140 square meter barns in 1 day.   Apart from that, the furniture Amish Carpenters make lasts much longer and is of higher quality than most of the fancy furniture or cheap furniture we buy in today’s shops.   (See some amazing footage on the link at the bottom of…

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Bouncing off the walls or was it the ceiling fan..

Lockdown obviously forced some of us to DIY.  Some found a hidden talent and some, well, let’s just say that you simply enjoy other recreational activities. 

Maybe things didn’t get totally out hand like someone falling through your ceiling but the roof may have started leaking.  The normal ‘lap en pap’ made things worse and you’re sitting with a big fat question mark on your face because you distinctly remember the DIY guy at the store told you it will stop any leak.  

Well, sometimes you just need the pros.

We are bouncing off the walls that we are back in business again, providing for our family and contracting more sole props that can also provide for theirs. 

And you, well don’t feel bad that you couldn’t fix that leak, fill that crack, paint that wall or get the concrete mix correct.  We won’t judge and you definitely have other skills that we need.  

So let’s do business.  Spread our word and we’ll spread yours.  

JD Jordaan

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Get renovations done with limited funds

It is no secret that the economy has slowed down but time has not. Buildings still require maintenance but funding does not seem to be as readily available.   I’m sure you have a few areas to improve around the house, as do I. Once we complete the tasks, even if some of it is mundane, it gives us a sense of growth and achievement. Whether it is for aesthetical reasons…

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