Fundi’s often remind us that our brains are constantly bombarded by visual images on billboards, television, our phones, and in magazines. Why don’t they ever talk about how many visual patterns we have to cope with daily?

Paving, Löffelstein, rooftiles and, inside the home and office, window blinds and acres of floor and wall tiles all compete for your attention.

It is especially in your home that tiling patterns have a definite influence on the look and feel of a space.

These patterns come with names such as windmill, herringbone, basket weave, pinwheel, stack bond, stretcher bond, and English bond. (Like the real James.) Everyone reacts differently. I have a Don Quixote reaction to a windmill pattern on a shower wall. It pushes me over the edge. Literally. My head cannot deal with it and I want to tilt – onto the floor tiles.  The same size and colour tiles in a different lay-out would have no effect.

Explore lay-out patterns to make the most of the beautiful tiles that are on offer everywhere. Your tiler or handyman can help you plan to give your space the look you want: glamorous, rustic, calm or classic. No matter how beautiful the tiles, if you don’t plan the tiling lay-out to suit the room, you may land up with a pattern that jumps out at you, dominating the room or resembling a mall floor. No amount of décor will save that room.

Use tiles as a tool to visually change a room’s size. Tiling a small bathroom from floor to ceiling helps boost the sense of space. If your patio remains an impersonal space no matter what you try, ask your handyman or tile expert how to pull it together with floor tiles.

WARNING! Floor and wall tiles are not only versatile, but also hard-wearing. This means that the tiles and lay-out you choose will be with you for many, many years.  Unless you can afford to remodel your home in three years’ time, of course.

Home remodeling invariably includes tiling walls or floors. Planning with a handyman, a tiling expert or your project manager will help you keep to your budget and get the result you want. To save time and money, he may even suggest you tile over existing tiles. Don’t get too excited yet, as this comes with challenges of its own: the current surface must be suitable (you cannot tile over high-gloss ceramic tiles, for instance)  and it is important that the existing tiles be in good condition and firmly in place. He knows and can advise you.

Finally, no matter how careful, lovingly and painstakingly you have chosen tiles and selected a lay-out pattern, bad grouting can spoil it all. You want clear, clean grout lines. Insist on it. You are the one with the wallet.

Tiling is like a relationship: you find the perfect one, fall in love, work out patterns to be happy side by side, and then must live with that choice for a long time.

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